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XI. bitka 04:19
(English translation below) ________________ XI. bitka Prepričani v zmago, s popolno močjo koljemo z jeklom, dušimo s krvjo. Ti praskajo, grizejo, brcajo še, premagal doslej jih ni še nihče. Smo vzeli jim zemljo, nebo in bogove, a dali jim blišča in zlate okove. Se upirajo vztrajno, jaz vem ne zakaj, iz jezera blata smo ustvarili raj! Hej, za zmago! Hej, za slavo! Ponesimo naprej zastavo! Za svobodno očetnjavo! S posmehom so polja nam poteptali, izrinili vero, domove razklali. Uprimo se, bratje, vsi vemo zakaj, gostije razvratne za nas niso raj! ________________ 11th Battle Convinced of victory with absolute power we slaughter with steel and choke them with blood. Their biting and kicking have all been in vain, defeated by none yet, they will taste the pain. We took land of our foes, their gods and their wine, but gave them our splendour, our greatness and pride. They fight with resistance, we still don't know why, the thunder encrypted their doomed fate in sky! Hey, for glory, for honour! March towards them with our banner! Wield our swords, destroy their armour! They mocked us and our fields, they trampled our homes, they ousted our faith, dissected our hope. Rebel with us, brothers, we all know why! Their perverted feasts aren't our paradise!
V nebo 04:12
(English translation below) ________________ V nebo Veter prinaša mi glasove, zvok neznanih melodij. Glas me prednikov pozove, daj, prisluhni jim še ti! Zemlja vse zgodbe pozna, skriva usodo ... Voda izpira vse spomine, jih ohranja v večnosti, in je izvir, ki ne usahne, kakor vez s prijatelji. Moč je ognja ljubezen; v temi nas vodi ... Zdaj z odprtimi očmi vidim tisto, česar ni. In sanjarim in živim, da svojim sanjam sledim! S prvim dihom nam je dano, da smo del te tisočletne poti. V podzavest je vsem poslana želja, da vsak nekaj naredi. S tem gradimo srečo v sebi. Čutiš moč nje tudi ti? ________________ To the Sky Wind is bringing me the voices, sounds of unknown melodies. Chants of ancestors are calling me, listen to their voices sing. This soil knows all the stories, it's hiding the fate... Water is washing out the memories, keeping them in eternity. It's the spring which never dies out, like the friends who never leave. Power of fire is love, which leads us in darkness... Now with my eyes open wide, I can see that which is not. And I daydream and I live, so I can follow my dream. With our first breath we were given the chance to be part of thousand year's path. Our subconscious was ridden with the wish for us all to do something. This is how we build our fortune, do you feel her power too?
Na veke 01:31
(English translation below) ________________ Dolina pogubljenih Popuščajo moči, strah ustavlja jim korak. Rešilna misel vztrajno krade se v glavo: da bi stopili v skrito sotesko svete zemlje. Zapoved tja jim brani, prekletstva se boje. A strah pred preganjalci zmaga strah pred Vero, v agoniji strašni vest utiša glas. Odgrnjena bršljana je zavesa in odstrt pogled v čaroben svet cvetočih trat. Orli izginjajo v višavah, v mesečini up še tli, poslednja pesem pa odmeva, ujeta v večnosti! A že se v jezi stresa oskrunjen kraj na zemlji, v vrtincu vetra je ujeto cvetje s polj. Dež drvi z oblakov, blisk nebo razkolje, grom gluši ušesa, mraz pobeli breg. Kam se skril boš človek pred srdom božje jeze? Veš, da ni rešitve, a telo te sili v beg. Kar meseno je, spreminja se v kamen, kri trdi se in ustavljen je utrip. Kaj dogaja z njimi se, da gibi otrde in njih korak ni nikdar dokončan? Še danes vidiš trumo skal v dolini teme; zdi se, da beže pred srdom večnosti. ________________ Valley of the Doomed Weakened is the strength, steps are slowed down by their fear. Persistent thoughts of rescue embedded in their heads. To step into the hidden gorge of the sacred land's fields, command lets them not walk in, they fear the mighty curse. Though fear of those who chase them triumphs over their faith, in dreadful agony conscience shuts their voice. The ivy's curtain is unveiled, uncovered is the glare into the mystic world of blooming meads. Eagles vanish into distance, in the moonlight hope still burns. And the final song is echoing, trapped in eternity! Though the anger shakes this place of desecrated land, in the blazing of the wind blossoms from fields are caught. Rainstorms fill the once bright blue, lightning splits the skies, thunder deafens, frost paints the river banks with white. Where will you hide, human, from the rage of mighty gods? You know of no salvation, yet your body tries to hide. What was once of flesh and blood is turning into rock, blood is thickening, your heartbeat has stopped. What has been brought upon them, their steps will never end, the strides they took-forever incomplete. Still in valley of the dark the legions seem to run, they dread forever in eternal stone.
Solze 04:42
(English translation below) ________________ Solze Rosne kaplje v plesu s solzami v jutru, ki zdrami ga rog. Svinčenih obrazov možje trgajo telo iz objema ljubljenih rok. Truma teles nemo zapušča pripete duše na raj gora. Zakaj od roke velikih ljudi ni vas obvarovana bila? Mu osma jesen šele da nežnost trav, sliši simfonijo gora, odžeja se z žuborečo svežino, opija z vetrom sončnih širjav. Mladost kazi ugaslost v pogledu, ko trka na vrata ljubljena in otrok, držeč se za krilo, vidi, kaj mami zbije vrč 'z rok na tla. Krošnje in polja pojo ti z menoj, da jaz ljubim te. Le v slapa bučanju še slišim tvoj smeh, saj tišina ubija me. Z lužami muk in udarci življenja jaz ljubim te. V molku premnogih grobov včasih najdem te, hrup preglaša me. Daj mi odgovor … In je zakričal, da ne zmore tako, da je ljubil le njo, da zvestoba gasila je žejo mesa. V glavi tolče le otroški jok: "Mati, povejte, kdo je ta mož?" ________________ Tears Drops of dew dancing with tear drops, to the song sung by the horns. Dawn lights up the faces of soldiers, from the arms of their loved ones they're torn. Troops of bodies quietly leaving their souls attached to mountain paradise. Why did God not guard this valley from its sudden demise? Eight autumns pass him slowly until he's graced with freedom at last. He listens to songs of mountains and valleys, quenches his thirst with wind's blast. Youth is ruined by emptiness in his eyes, when he's knocking on his beloved's doors. And the child, clenching onto his mother, sees what makes her drop the jar on the floor Branches and fields are all singing with me that I still love you! I still hear your laughter in the rumble of waterfalls, the quiet is killing me. With rivers of tears and through beatings of life, know: I still love you. In silence of too many graveyards, I sometimes still search for you. Give me an answer... And so he screamed that he loved her in pain and he can't live this way, that devotion prevailed over bare flesh and lust. All he hears in his head is a boy shouting: "Mama, mama, who is this man?"
Žanjica 04:07
(English translation below) ________________ Žanjica Tisoč v nebo je junakov klicalo, preden poslednjič zaprli so oči, v krvi in mukah roteče kričalo Morani, naj pride, da smrt jim stori. Prosila dekleta so mladih vojščakov, da prizaneseš nedolžnim možem, oni pa v bitkah klicali z očakov nad horde sovraga so tvoje ime. Ko veter zapiha in gozd se stemni, se s strmih bregov v doline spusti. V megli in snegu sestopa z vrhov krvava boginja v spremstvu volkov. ________________ Morana Thousands of heroes screamed to the sky, before for the last time they closed their eyes. In blood and torment they pleadingly cried to Morana, to come and end their lives. Girls of young warriors begged in despair to spare their loved ones from claws of death. Meanwhile in battles they summoned her ghost, the one who would slay the hordes of their foes. When winds blow and darkness engulfs the forests, from hills to the valley a shadow descends. Through mist and snow the bloodied goddess treads, followed by wolfpacks that tear them to shreds.
Zatišje 01:12
Krst 07:57
(English translation below) ________________ Krst Kot plaz, ki zaleti se v gozd v dolini, za Živo in bogove nad oblaki, brez misli v boj drve pogani, a padajo po tleh od križev klani. Le nekaj mladih hrastov med Sloveni, ki vero vpili so iz zemlje naše, njih srdu se umikajo kristjani, saj sekajo jih ti boginji vdani. Slovenec že mori Slovenca, brata, šest mes'cev moči tla krvava reka. Slovenec že mori Slovenca, brata, kako strašna slepota je človeka! Številnost tujim tokrat ne pomaga, ker grad slovenski svoje nemo varva, a šibkost lakote nepremagljive prevesi tehtnico v prid sovraga. Vodja tropa tega jim ne skriva, da zmagala jih sreča bo kriva, ne brani jim predaje in življenja, če kdo ga ljubi bolj kot vonj svobode. Hrabrost ne da nobenemu oditi, Perun nakloni zvestim svoje strele in črno noč pretresa grom globok, da jim pobeg v gozdove je mogoč. Orožje mrzlo je sopotnik v temi, a komaj popustijo vrat zapahe, se vname boj, ne boj, mesarsko klanje! Sovrag tam s celo četo jih objame! Tako objel sovražnik je junake, a skale bok ne ukloni se poplavi. Drobi se kamen, vode tok vrtinči, nobeden ne umiri se, ne neha tolči. Ko zora zdaj obsije mrtvih trope, kot v času žetve zažare poljane. Ni zlat'ga sija rosnih žitnih klasov, obžarja rdeče, boja trudne snope. ________________ The Baptism As avalanche that crushes the trees and rocks, for Živa and the gods on mountain tops, without thought the heathens march to war, though slain by Christian cross they all fall. Very few young oaks among Slovenes, who soaked their faith from this soil's old beliefs, their rage is feared by Christian enemies, they're killing in the name of Živa's might and bliss. Slovene is murdering his Slovene brother, for six long months the earth with blood is blighted. How frightful is mankind, and how dim-sighted! The rivals' numbers are now of no help, 'cause Slovenes' castle guards them safe in silence, though weakness of unbearable hunger now shifts the scales to favour the Christians. Leader of this pack can hide no longer this fate of doom that lies upon them. He blames not those who would rather leave, though a life of shame they will surely live. Prowess lets no one leave their brethren, Perun, the mighty, lends the loyal ones his lightning, the blackest night is shaken by rumbling thunder, so our heroes may escape the castle safely. Cold weapon is the sole companion in the dark, though soon as the gate's bolts finally yield to foes, there ignites a fight - not fight! ... A butcher's slaughter! Enemy attacks their troops with all his force! And so the enemy captured our heroes, but rock will never yield to floods which there flow. The stone is crumbling, the water's swirling, none willing to bow down, they won't stop pounding. When dawn throws light upon the dead unburied, as though it's harvest time, plains glow in sunlight. There is no golden flare of dewy wheat ears, only the blood red, tired, heavy sheaves.
Glasnik 04:46
(English translation below) ________________ Glasnik Dan veličasten, nad gorami modrina, visoko na nebu orel se pne. Spokojno počiva pod njim vsa širjava, mogočni gozdovi klanjajo se. Ostro oko nad kraljestvom opreza, nad jaso pa nekaj mir mu skali; jezdec v diru po poti se spušča, ranjen iz boja proti domu hiti. V bitki obležali so bratje njegovi, le on se je rešil, da dom posvari. V noči premagal je širne gozdove, opešan v močeh tam ob stezi leži. "Daj, ponesi ta klic do mojih ljudi! Reši naš rod!" še ptici veli. Žarki prodrejo skozi vejevje, orel se vrne zopet nad kraj. Deklica majhna tam zvončke nabira, na mestu nesrečnem zdaj spet je raj. ________________ The Herald Magnificent day, blue sky above mountains, somewhere in distance the eagle soars high. Peacefully resting below him the vastness, the mighty wide forests bowing in pride. Sharp eagle's eyes always kept on the kingdom, though all of a sudden his peace is disturbed; A rider is storming down a path in hurry, wounded from battle he finally returns. In battle defeated were all of his brothers, his is the duty to warn those at home, through darkest of nights he's conquered vast forests, now weakened in strength he lies on the dirt. ''Go, and carry this call, to all of my folk! Please save our kin!'' he says to the bird. ... Sunrays are breaking through the mighty branches, eagle is soaring above them again. A small girl is playing on meadows of snowdrops, this once cursed place now is heaven again.
(English translation below) ________________ Izdana legija Zasuta so usta in zvezane roke, pod koreninami preperelo je srce. Očetje, sinovi z ramo ob rami, od bratov izdani, zdaj tiho leže. Globoko v gozdovih, skrito očem, mrtvih duhovi se iz sna prebude. Iz brezna v nebo dviga se pesem, nemi je krik neštetih glasov. Glej dviga se prah in žarijo oči, ko vihar maščevanja privzdigne pesti! Zbito zemljo predrejo roke, ki lačno pravice jih vodi srce! ________________ The Betrayed Legion Shut is the mouth and tied are the hands, beneath the roots of trees a weathered heart still beats. Fathers and sons stand shoulder to shoulder, betrayed by their brothers, they silently lay. Deep in the woods, hidden from the world, the spirits of the dead awaken from death's bed. From abyss to great heights, ascending their chanting, silent screams of countless fallen men. Look, the dust is rising and eyes glow with rage, as the storm of vengeance is raising its fists. Their hands seeping through the soil with great lust, their hearts feel the hunger for all that's just!
Poslednji 02:06


released November 21, 2014


all rights reserved



Brezno Slovenia

Folk/Symphonic Metal from Slovenia

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